How much do we cost?

Yesterday I had an interesting lecture. The topic was ‘How much do we cost?’. Now as a person you don’t tend to think high of yourself, at lest I don’t, so you would never naturally put a big price tag on yourself, especially not at this point being a third year university student. However it makes you evaluate yourself from a business point of view. What are your lifestyle choices? How much are your living expenses? How much did your equipment cost you? All this needs to be taken in consideration plus more, but this all varies on how you live and what type of business you are in or if you are freelance or work for a company. How you live is what you are worth. If you were freelance ideally you would charge more because that is what you are living off, if you work for a company you have a regular income so all of this is not that necessary. With all this in mind I worked my day rate out to be £336.

This would have meant I would of charged my day rate for my last project £336. Whereas for my last university project that was a day project, I would have charged for 4 hours bringing it to £192. For such a short time I would never of thought to charge so much but seeing all of the expenses that I have and how valuable my time is, it seems more than fair. With any freelance price you can’t think about just this, what they need to live comfortably but more how long has it taken them to learn what they do and the software. I have been through 4 years of collage and another 3 years of university. That is 7 years of my life to work for £336 a day. Does that seem enough?


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