Live project

So last month I applied for an animation job, thinking their never going to get back to me because my work isn’t that great. However they did and I went for an interview with them, it all went well and I am now doing a live project for them to see if I am able to make an animation using their style. I am about week into making the animation and I’m nearly finished. After this I also have to do a info graphic and a thumbnail. Even if I don’t get this job its been interesting to say the lest. I’ve had difficultly working with people before because as a creative you believe you know what they need for the company or what looks best but because their paying you or their your boss you have to just listen and do as your told. In this case I haven’t had that type of difficulty working with him I’ve had difficulty getting him to contact me back with information I needed to get started, such as the brief – which he thought he gave me but didn’t.

The style guide consists of a number of colours and their colour codes of which I have to use. Their style is basic animation and consists of 4 main colours, which you would think would be easy enough. Not when you don’t know the software and you have to learn it as you go and when creating the illustrations you forget about their style and realise you then have to redo what you have just done.

So even if I don’t get this job I feel like the experience has been valuable and has pushed me to learn a new software that I couldn’t bring myself to learn on my own even though I new I needed to learn it.


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