Work based learning

For my work based learning I wanted to do something either with a graphic design company or with animation. I was nervous about going into a company because what if my work was not good enough? So I ended up going with a teacher from Chester University on one of the other campuses that wanted some videos making for him. I was matched up with a film student and we created several videos. Little did I know that there would actually be no animation involved and he just wanted someone to put text over the images and videos. You do not need an animation person to do that; the film student was more than capable of doing it. Therefore with my placement I actually did no graphics and no animation. However the experience taught me how do deal with a client, one that especially doesn’t know what he wants and keeps changing his mind and how to work with other people from different areas. It is all about compromising with a client, compromising your idea. I tired to be a little bit creative with the limits I had and yet I still got knocked down and had to do everything the boring way. Them videos we made over the summer will probably never get watched. He wanted to move away from the boring tutorial type videos but his ended up worse. That’s compromise in this business.


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