Mini brief

In last weeks Creative design practice lesson, like every week we got a brief to do within 4 hours, start to finish. Our brief was based on stories people write about their profession, we read new short stories about a single mother, a therapist, a dentist etc. The topic we had was our tutors, how do they think when they teach us. We all get put into different groups every week, about 4 people size. Most groups went with a very serious view and said how the teachers hate us all and hate how none of us listen. However my group went with a totally different path and did the tutor having a secret life away from teaching. He was a spy during the night and during the day he was a teacher to disguise his secret life. Below you can see some images we designed. I created both half and half men and Josh created the background for the man. The other images that are within the display picture where made by Anca.


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