For the project manifesto we had to create something that represented how we see design or our design steps. I chose to do a lot of researched based on optical illusions because the idea was to have text within the optical illusion saying how I see my process of designing. The idea behind this was so that what you see within design isn’t always what it is, there are always hidden meanings, especially within research. These are some of the images that gave me inspiration.

Once I found images that inspired me, it was down to thinking up the process of what I was going to do and how I was going to make it. I started experimenting with the style of techniques and came up with a series of final images that represent how I go from start to finish in my design process, presented in ways which are relevant.



From these images you can see what my ideas where and how they make sense viewing them from a different perspective. The first image shows the word research being blurry at the top and the further down you read the clearer it gets. I did this because the more you research the better your understanding gets therefore the clearer the word. The second image says ‘postpone criticism’ but this isn’t clear until you lay the image flat and view it from a different perspective. I ended up changing this image to say ‘perspective’ because it makes more sense as you have to view it on a different level to understand what it says.


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