Guest Lecture – Luca Marzello

This week we had a guest lecture, which we as part of creative mornings got to come in. Luca Marzello spoke about his work with apps and websites, how he goes about getting contracts with big companies such as, Vodaphone, Kinda and Lorax. He also worked with football companies and does packaging and logos. He spoke about what he did with them and why certain ideas worked well. Even though I have never thought about getting involved with apps and web design it has certainly opened my eyes into that area of design. It seemed way too complex but the more he explained, the more I understood.

He spoke about how honest opinions are important in our general line of work, which is true but it is in everyone’s natural instinct to not want to receive either the honest truth of negative feedback. However we need this to understand what may be missing from our work and then betters our ourselves and our work.

Mental maps are important. I stopped using them in first year but actually they help you understand what needs to be done and allows you to break apart what you have to do. A bit like a list, which i prefer using but mental maps are clearer and allows more room to keep going after you have moved onto another subject without having to start over again.

He also spoke about having to give a variation of ideas when pitching to a client. They are not always going to like your one idea, or your best so it is important to give them a range so that they can pick what they want. This goes against what we have just done for our rebranding for Eponine but I suppose that is because there was a lot of other competition, there wasn’t just a few of us pitching ideas.

Overall he has helped me understand things better and gave me ideas on how to approach my work better. He has definitely changed my views on that area in design and I would definitely think about learning more into it.


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