In an earlier post I spoke about how I was making an animation for a company to hopefully get employed on a part time basis. Well after a few weeks of waiting I finally heard back and I got the job! The only downside to it is that I will have to be freelance to work for them, as they do not want to take me on as a paid employee. This is both good and bad, the good is that I get paid a lot more for my time. The bad is that I will have to register as a sole trader and have to do a tax return at the end of the year, scary! However I feel like that is a small price to pay for such a good opportunity. Ideally they will train me up and I will be learning valuable skills in the workplace as well as having actual work experience for when I finish university. If all goes well, they may even offer me a full time position once I finish university, which is even better! I’m excited to start and I’m starting to feel very positive about what I am doing and my future. It all is starting to become very real.


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