Creative design managment

So today I finally pitched my idea for Eponine. I was so nervous about getting up and presenting the idea but only because I am not great at presenting and I tend to lose my words a lot. However I had been practising what I was going to say over and over and actually I feel like I did really well. I didn’t trip over myself or pause for too long. I feel like it went really well. Although I do not believe they will pick mine or any of my groups ideas as they didn’t seem too keen on our work, I’m grateful for that because I wouldn’t accept their offer even if they did. This is because I already have so much going on already, I’m working with a client on different briefs in my new job, which is fabulous experience for me as it is. I do not feel like I need to bother with a small company with no money, I doubt they will even offer the winner a reasonable about of money for 7 weeks work.

People assume that because we are students we will settle for little or no money for our designs. This is okay when we spend a few hours creating something but not when we have spend 7 weeks of our lives creating something and constantly having to get feedback and rework our ideas every week.


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