Joe Magee – Guest Lecture

So we had another guest lecture in yesterday and I wasn’t impressed. He was supposed to be a Graphic Designer but honestly, I didn’t see any graphic design. For the first hour all he showed us was photo manipulation, he would take a picture on his phone or on a cheap camera (and claimed the quality didn’t matter) and would then draw lines or cut out different images and lay them on top of each other. That is photo manipulation not graphic design. He also said he worked for the Guardian for 20 years and also the time for some time. However I was shocked at how he got ‘around’ the copyright issues. He would merge different stolen images together so that no one image was a single image so they ‘couldn’t claim copyright. I’m sure it still applies. I was appalled that he was allowed to tell us things like that because now plenty of people will think it is okay to do this. It is one thing to create things for yourself doing this but selling it to big companies to go on front pages is disgusting.

On another note, I did learn some things from him. He told us about how he would occasionally (a bit too often) do things for free. I feel like at his point in his career he shouldn’t still be doing things for free but he would sometimes get commissioned to do other things for that company or another company because of the free design he made. It is free advertising, however if it is free I couldn’t imagine it getting seen that much for it to make much of a difference, then again, you never know.

He also told us that the less you get paid means the more freedom you have within your designing, which is true. The bigger companies know what they want and when they want it because they are paying you more they expect more from you.

He definitely made one thing even clearer for me; I do not want to be freelance. I have to be freelance at the minute but I am okay with that because I still have a permanent job and university ongoing. However when I graduate I do not want to have to worry about how much income I am getting every month. He told us about how his little jobs on the side make up his income for the month. I do not want to live like that. He said he makes an ‘okay’ living. I don’t want that when I’ve been in a career for 30 years.


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