I have never had to work with another graphic designer, any work I do gets looked over by my teachers or other students, therefore I obviously see their work too. However recently in work I have been given work that another freelancer has done so that I can finish the last section of the work. I know I’m not amazing, I’m only relatively new to this subject but I was horrified at what I received. Any other student would have been too. It was mess. Do the morals of a graphic designer go out the window when you get so far in your career? I really hope not. There was no consistency to the work, the colour scheme was wrong for that project (of which they would have been told what it was), everything and I mean EVERYTHING was centred – what’s with that? The way they had used the typeface was horrible (it is a nice typeface but they destroyed it) and what annoyed me even more is that they hadn’t bothered to use the Master pages on InDesign – does that mean they don’t know how too? I seriously hope not.

Safe to say I had to do a little bit of redesigning with that. What annoyed me even more is that my boss didn’t care. I understand that if you don’t have an eye for design you wouldn’t notice and you do think centring everything is cool but even the colour schemes. You have to care about the colour schemes! Definitely learning something new every day at this job!



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