Fig Taylor – Guest Lecture

Fig Taylor is a portfolio consultant. She came in to talk us through the dos and don’ts about what to have in your portfolio and what to do during an interview. The only downfall to this was she kept talking about illustrators and only illustrators so it was hard for the other non-graphic students to truly get a benefit from her. However some things she did say was very relevant and true, you just need someone else to tell you.

Some of the advice she gave us was for the work to never be smaller than A3 and never be bigger than A3, so basically A3. Anything bigger is too bulky and too much to handle during an interview as they don’t always have much room. Anything smaller means your work won’t be fully appreciated, as it can’t be seen properly. She also told us to constantly update your work and your online presence as employers will research you and if they see you are freelance and you are not constantly posting things or still have work on there from 12 years ago they are not going to be impressed and are likely to not see you. Also keep your online presence clean, Facebook? Twitter? keep it clean, posts and pictures, either that or make sure your profile is completely private. Another thing she told us was if you doubt some of your work, scrap it! So she was useful and she certainly made me sort my portfolio out!


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