Today’s session was based on copyright. There were two artists that came in to speak to us about their work very briefly and it was very interesting. One artist described herself as an artist but also a photographer but neither of just one. This was because she would take pictures of an object, not necessarily her photograph and build the object from the photograph. For older pieces she would rebuild the image in Photoshop and print it out and make a 3D object out of the photograph, which I thought was pretty amazing! I have never seen anything like it! This was relevant because the images the artist would use where not her own and because she was not changing them she could actually be accused of copyright if she didn’t have the owners permission.

The issue with copyright is that there are so many ways around it but yet regardless of the rules everyone thinks someone has copied off them. So a simple way to look at it is the way artists see it. “Bad artists copy! Good artists steal” – Picasso. This basically means that you can use someone’s work but don’t just copy it, change the idea and make it better! You can’t copy the object but you can take the idea. With the help of copyright everyone that creates something worth copyrighting has protection for 70 years! This service can also be bought to help if you think you’re at a higher risk of it happening. So overall it has been really interesting to know the facts properly. You may think to some people it is common sense but trust me it really isn’t. People have no idea what is right and wrong anymore.


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