Guest Speakers – Scott Duffey and Jonny Kimber

Last week we had two guest speakers come into the lesson to talk to us about what they had done after university and how they got there. Both Scott Duffey and Jonny Kimber were former Chester university students and studied Graphic design around 7 years ago. Since then Scott Duffy has become more a screen-printing designer but also does illustrations freelance. He had a number of placements and work experience regardless of if it was what he wanted to do, the experience gave him an advantage because then he was not limited to what area of design he could go into. He said it gave him 40 years worth of experience, meaning that it put him ahead of most designers because he had already seen how many companies work. He mentioned that it is important to go to design meet ups and socialise with other designers because it is important to collaborate with people. He has now made his own company with his wife called Toucan Tango.

Jonny Kimber now makes the design of websites and apps and the coding behind them. He creates heat maps for websites to see how well the content works on it and then alters what needs to be where and what the customers actually want to see when they first come onto the website. Creating these user-friendly sites increases the website traffic by around 65%.

What have I taken from this? I need to socialise with more designers, listen to podcasts and apply for some more work experience. ­


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