Podcast – Negative space

So lately I’ve been looking into listening to podcasts. Some of them just chat a lot and don’t really get to any point. The type of podcasts I’m listening to are design based, typography, negative space, your attitude, how to get a job, how to get noticed etc.

In the one I am currently listening to is from Design Guy, this is based on positive and negative space and he talks about shapes and what you are taught to learn in school and how you get taught to fill the space but then as you get older you learn that negative space isn’t bad and actually it helps to have negative space. It helps us have ideas and think that maybe some things just need moving around a little bit. We also need to learn to use the negative space to make shapes and get creative with it. This can help us be creative and make our work stand out over someone that maybe doesn’t know how to use negative and positive space effetely. It helps to listen to designers talk about their experiences so you know what to look out for, they give you tips that you would of never of found out till you came across them yourself.


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