Tim Sharp – Guest speaker

Tim Sharp from Uniform in Liverpool came in today to speak to us about design and how he got to where he is today and what work he currently does. He showed us a lot of work that his design team had made and told us the company needed to make at least £66,000 a month to keep going and making profit and £100,000 per person a year. This sets into perspective just how well the company is doing. They only set targets like this because they give their designers the freedom to do other projects themselves and within the company. They do this to keep the jobs interesting and keep the designers focused. It honestly sounds like a great place to work but a bit out of my league for the time being. 

Tim told us to imagine the impossible and to create new things with your creativity. Look out the box when designing. Look at abstract shapes and different textures to give your work a creative edge and it is important to work with the client to properly understand what it is they want. When designing make the design in black and white first and then add colour, this way you focus on the design not the colour. 

He also left us thinking with the idea of, are we actually graphic designers or are we creative thinkers? 


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