Business plan

For one of my projects I had to think of a business idea from scratch as part of a team and create a business plan all within 7 weeks. I got put with 3 other students 2 of which refused to take part which left us with half a team and double the work. Me and the other student didn’t really get along and would constantly disagree on most things with the business plan but we knew we had to just sit down and stay there till we agreed on what to do and get it done. This is a great example of how hard it can be to work in a team especially if you don’t actually like the person to begin with or if you constantly conflict with them over ideas. It’s not about who you are or what your issues are, just push it to one side and move on. Either way the project needs to be completed and its only easier if you get along, at least a little bit.

In the end we pulled it together and got everything competed on time and it doesn’t look to bad either! The design would have been better with more time and other peoples input but I got left to the design so it was quickly put together to meet the deadline.



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