Career area

So since we have that many opinions out there as designers, the big question is what area do you go for? Branding? Products? Illustration? Animation? Web Design? UXI? Its not just about what you are interested in now, its more about what you can see yourself being interested in for a long time. Obviously you can go for a random selection of jobs especially if you know all the areas well but it is much better to be specialised within an area and this is something I haven’t been able to figure out for a long time. After doing a rebranding brief a few months ago it really got me thinking about just how much I enjoyed doing that and how really I could see myself really enjoying this in the long run. Therefore I think I will be pursuing branding as a possible career solution.

The skills I need for this are ones I have already been working on such as;

  • Visual Ideation/Creativity
  • Typography
  • Design Software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.)
  • Colour Theory
  • Web Design/Basic HTML & CSS
  • Layout/Conversion Optimization
  • Print Design

I definitely feel like I have most of these skill sets however there are still things I need to learn about such as coding and colour theory.

As for the location, I honestly don’t want to stay put where I am now. I want to move and I’m not fussed where. I have been already been applying for jobs here there and everywhere within about a 50 mile radius, after all I can’t stray too far just yet.


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