Essay topic

I had the option, as a 3rd year student to choose my own essay topic with no help at all, the sky is the limit. So what do you write about? Ill tell you what. Lego. I love Lego, it gets me all happy and excited like a little kid when I see Lego, even worse when I buy it. I don’t personally own much of it but I love buying it and helping other people put it together. It is the concept of building and never breaking that I love.

So, what about Lego? Seeing how well nostalgia works with Lego within advertising. To me nostalgia is a really interesting topic seeing how it can persuade people into buying products just because of a memory they had that relates to the advert and how it made them feel something so they then remember that brand because of the emotional attachment. Weird right? But it works! I looked into the sale reports for each year of Lego and when they used nostalgia in their adverts the sales increase by about 2 billion that year, sometimes more. My official essay question was;

How does Lego benefit from using nostalgia within the business?’

I feel like this was a really good essay and it certainly kept my attention to finish it with plenty of time to spare before the deadline.


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