Graphic Design Rules

Recently I’ve been trying to learn more about the basic rules of Graphic design so I have been reading the book ‘365 essential design dos & don’ts’. I have already learnt a lot for instance using a 100% tint for at least one colour plate when printing. This allows one layer to have a block colour, which makes the type/image solid. This makes a lot of sense to me now as I recently had some business cards printed and I found a colour I liked but didn’t make one colour plate 100% and they came back a bit blurry but the file was fine. This is because when printing they are printed as dots when they are not 100% therefore they appear blurry however if at least one is 100% it allows one plate to have clean art lines making the whole image focused as there is at least one set of clear lines within the layers other wise it is multiple layers of dots which don’t have clear lines, making the image appear blurry.

I have no read much of this book but already it has helped me understand a lot about design that I did not realise was even an issue. I certainly will be reading more and ordering more books to help me progress my understanding.


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